A new coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance of your doors. This is an excellent painting task for those who are new to the art form. It’s common for sliding doors to give visual interest to a room. These doors make a statement whether they’re the entry to your backyard patio or an inside design. So when the paint chips or the hue goes out of style, it’s more obvious. Fortunately, painting sliding doors is an easy and quick project for homeowners! You may save money by doing this job yourself rather than hiring a professional painter. In the following, you’ll find some of our most useful pointers for getting the job done correctly. Within minutes, your doors will be restored to their former glory and beauty.

Step 1: Use blue painter’s tape to carefully mask off the glass. Mask both sides of the door and paint them together if at all feasible.

Step 2: Paint one vertical border of the frame, then paint the top of the frame, using the steps outlined above and starting with the stationary panel. Next, paint the panel’s bottom and right edge. When painting the sliding piece of the jamb, move it approximately an inch from the edge of the jamb. When painting, leave the sliding part open.

To acquire a superior finish and simpler application, remove the sliding closet doors (or pocket doors) from the wall before painting. Sliding doors may be removed by lifting both sides of the door and pushing the rollers out of the track.

Keep the Doors Open and Shut

It’s important to avoid a paint seal along the top and bottom tracks by moving the sliding part of the door every half hour while the paint is drying.

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