The practice of painting brick exteriors has grown in popularity in Calgary in the last several years. There are a plethora of advantages and hazards to consider, so the most important thing to determine is whether or not it is really necessary and what effect it will have.

When you’re walking around Calgary, you’ll see a lot of brick buildings. Brick, stucco, and siding are all typical options for exteriors of homes. It’s not merely for the sake of making your house seem nice on the outside. The most frequent construction material in the past century was brick and many homeowners opted to retain the original appearance of a brick house. In recent years, painting outside brick has become a popular trend due of advances in paint technology.

The exteriors of the houses are ancient and unclean due to the harsh weather and pollution in the air. Additionally, the brick external surfaces show signs of deterioration and weathering. Whenever you think it’s time for a fast cover-up and concealment of the flaws Painting over old external brick is the finest method. By sealing the wall’s surface, painting the external bricks will help improve the wall’s insulation.

In the Greater Calgary Area, the most popular exterior brick hues are dark charcoal, gray tones, chocolate brown, and off-white tints. Red exterior paint is a popular choice for homeowners who wish to maintain the brick’s natural hue.

In Calgary, property prices are rising at an alarming rate. The housing market is booming. Bidding wars are used to sell resale properties. To receive the greatest potential price for their houses, homeowners pay close attention to all aspects of the transaction. A painted brick house will attract more attention from potential buyers if it is properly painted in a color that complements the architecture and character of the property. It’s an excellent technique to cover defects and make their property more appealing, which leads to greater offers and a faster sale.

The easiest approach to determine whether or not to get your home’s outside brick painted is to listen to the advice of an experienced real estate agent. Simply because it is not possible to get back to a house’s original appearance after painting over an outside brick. There’s no going back once it’s completed.

A professional opinion is especially important if you want to paint over the original outside brick of your property. A long-lasting coat of best paint for external brick should be used to ensure that the paint doesn’t wear out too soon after application. There are just too many dangers associated with using amateur painters and using subpar exterior paint. It will cost you a fortune to repair the paint if it begins bubbling and peeling.

A two-year guarantee is offered on all exterior projects by C&S Painting, and we can provide references from all across the city. For more than two decades, these external renovations have been in the works. Our costs are incomparable and we always use the finest paint for a brick home.

Painting Exterior Brick Has Advantages

If your home’s brick façade is red, orange, or yellowed, a paint refresh may have a number of positive effects.

Enhances the appearance of your home’s exterior. The value of your property will go up if you paint your bricks. When painted appropriately, a dark hue like slate grey or even a classic white may have a significant aesthetic effect.

Protects the wearer from the weather. The fresh paint on your brick house will work as a sealer to protect it from precipitation and other seasonal weather changes when it is properly updated. Your home’s exterior may be protected against fading and decay by painting it.

It’s easy to clean. Leaving brick untreated allows dirt and debris to get lodged and difficult to remove. The smooth surface of painted brick makes it much simpler to clean with a power washer on a more frequent basis.

Things to Consider When Painting Exterior Brick

With that said, painting external brick is a work that should be approached with caution

It’s a permanent finish. You can’t go back to your brick house’s original brick façade once you paint it. It is common knowledge among professional painters that once brick has been painted, it must be left that way. It may be quite expensive to even attempt to remove paint off brick. Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with a single paint color for the rest of your life since you can change it whenever you choose.

In the event of a leak, paint might chip. In general, this is true, however excess moisture near the ground might be a genuine worry with painted brick. This may be avoided, though, with simple repaints every 7-10 years or so. It’s also a good idea to get your external brick repainted on a regular basis to maintain it looking its best.

The outside of your home may need more frequent cleaning. However, grime and mildew are considerably more noticeable on painted exteriors than on natural brick. An occasional professional power washing may help maintain your brick exterior looking its best. This is a low-cost option, often running in the hundreds of dollars.

Advice on Painting Brick on the Exterior

The inherent color and durability of brick make it an ideal construction material. Typically, brick homes are built such that a homeowner does not have to paint the brickwork. There is no need to avoid painting brick, but this does not imply that you should. Make sure you follow these guidelines to guarantee that the painting of your house goes according to plan.

Always avoid painting deteriorated, chipped, or deformed brick. Molding and crumbling brick may be hidden with a fresh coat of paint, but this is not always the case. This is a complete and utter fabrication! Paint should never be applied to water-damaged brickwork. Painting wet bricks will just exacerbate the issues you’re currently facing.


Take care to use the right paint for your project. A good masonry paint (and probably a primer) is a must for painting brick exteriors due to the porousness of the material. Choosing the correct primers and paints requires an in-home color consultation by a skilled painter.

Paint your home’s exterior with a professional. Failure to adequately prepare the brick for painting or the application of the improper paint may result in a major smear. Painters with experience know precisely what tools, paints, and supplies to use to repair, clean, dry, prep, and paint your brick to the finest standards possible.

The façade of your home may be improved with modest, less permanent alterations. To avoid making a hasty decision, consider the pros and cons of painting your outside brick before deciding. Once again, painting brick is a long-term commitment, so be sure this is something you really want to accomplish before you get started. The façade of your property may always be refreshed in different ways. Consider painting your outside wood trim, your garage door, or your shutters and windows before making a final decision. All of these items might have a positive impact on the overall appearance of your property.

Paint Your Brick House with the Help of a Professional!

Painting brick is a reasonably easy approach to have a big effect on your home’s appearance and boost its value. Professional exterior painters can guarantee that your brick house is painted correctly and looks wonderful for years to come, despite some small downsides. The finest paints and finishes are used by professional house painters to provide a stress-free home remodeling project. Get a free estimate on your outside painting now!