There is a strong case to be made for interior painting in autumn and winter despite the fact that many people identify both outside and interior painting with summer and the warmer months. Lucky Painting has been painting Calgary homes for over a decade, so we’ve seen our fair share of cold Calgary winters. We’ve discovered through the years that painting interiors in the autumn and winter is not only a terrific idea, but it could be the greatest idea of all!

Fall and winter are the busiest hiring seasons.
Summer is a busy time for painting contractors, as previously indicated. This is fantastic news for painting contractors, but it also means that your painting project may be delayed by several days or weeks as a result. The fact that most people don’t consider about painting their interiors during the winter months may really be a good thing. As soon as the snow begins falling on the Front Range, business slows down, so the period between when you phone and when we start painting your home becomes shorter and shorter.

The children are no longer confined to the home.
Let us be clear: We’re a family business, and we adore children! Even if you don’t have kids, you know how difficult it is to be a parent during home remodeling tasks. In the autumn and winter, when kids are in school and out of the home for long stretches of time, painting is a great option for parents. Your kids will be thrilled when they return home from school and discover a freshly painted bedroom. And you won’t have to worry about them smearing paint all over the place since they didn’t touch any wet surfaces.