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Planning, starting and completing a painting project can sometimes become physically and mentally draining, especially when you have loads of questions with few answers about how to attain your dream painting goal. You may have at one time or the other felt overwhelmed with ideas on which professional painter to hire, what color or type of paint you should use and what the typical longevity of a new painting job should be.

The team at Lucky Painting Limited understands your concerns, and we have enlisted this article to provide answers to your most burning painting questions. You can find helpful answers to some of the pressing questions below as you navigate through your next painting project.

How to hire a professional painter

So you have decided to give your space a new look, and you’re at a crossroads on what to look for when hiring a professional painter in Calgary, follow our advice at lucky painting limited to ensure high-quality delivery whether you intend to have your house painted this fall or in the next spring.

The most important decision in hiring a professional is to meet the pro. You’ll argue that every painter hoping to get a job from you will make a professional claim, but taking a cursory look at the activities of the painter of the company they represent can help you avoid pitfalls.

You should look up the reviews of the company you’re about hiring, and see what past customers are saying about their services. A BBB Review can also help you gain a bias-free evaluation of the company you are about to hire.

You should also get a concise estimate, and be sure there are no hidden charges. Ensure to obtain a complete contract that is free from slaving clauses. Lastly do not forget to ask for a warranty.
Now that you know how to hire the best hand, how do you prepare your space for painting?

How to prepare your room for painting?

You’re probably thinking of how to get your space ready before calling a professional painter in Calgary to come to add paint to boards, fences, stucco and walls. When you hire a modern and professional painting company like Lucky Painting Limited to achieve that new look for your house our commercial interior, we will undertake much of the painting preparation for you.

That should be the mode of conduct of a professional painting company. They should tap over furniture, carting prized items away from paint stains and damage. You can trust them to restore drywalls and scrawny surfaces before beginning the painting process.

How Long Does Interior/ Exterior/Commercial/ Residential Painting Take?

Simply put, there’s no specific answer as to when your painting service will be complete. If for instance, I ask you to finish a cone of ice cream; you’ll agree it will take a different timeframe for you to finish 2 or 3 cones then it will take you to finish just 1. Professional painters will consider the size of your space before estimating service duration. You’ll need to state the number of rooms you’re painting, the sizes of the rooms or apartment complex. The nature of the painting you intend to have too can influence how long it will take to complete your painting project. But you don’t have to worry about project completion duration. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround time, Lucky Painting Limited has enough manpower to help you complete your project in record time.

Which Paint is best for my project?

Professional painting companies have affiliations with top tier painting brands in Calgary. Whatever finish you have in mind, an experienced painting company would have done a similar job. You can choose which paint works for you; we will help you with professional guidance on the merits, and demerits of your choice. You can count on us to provide timely advice on choosing the paint that’s perfect for your project and certain to last long.

Is my Choice Painting Company Covered By Insurance?

The question of insurance is very common with many prospective customers. You should expect a professional painting company to have insurance in place in case of damage of any kind. You can check with your painting company to be sure there is insurance of labor, material and other assets in place.

Only Settle For the Best Hands

Your painting project doesn’t have to be stressful and below expectation, that is why the best hands are your risk-free ticket to bringing the kind of painting outcome in your head into visible reality. The team at Lucky Painting Limited will advise you on the best paint choice for your project. We will take you by hand from start to finish, ensuring to finish on time, while sticking to the budget.