An accent wall is a great way to add design and elegance to your foyer. In any commercial setting, you want to create a professional environment that also brands your firm properly. An accent wall can do this. So, keep reading to learn more about adding an accent wall to improve your commercial lobby.

An accent wall is a wall that is a different color, material, pattern, or shade from the surrounding walls. Consider a typical square-shaped living room. The orange wall is an accent wall if three of the walls are beige and one is painted brilliant orange.

Accent walls are attractive for several reasons. An accent wall is a great way to add color, personality, and diversity to a room. This is a great method to add individuality to your brand.

An accent wall allows you to use a vibrant color in your lobby without overwhelming it. Assume you want to paint your accent wall orange. The hue would be very overwhelming and potentially cause a headache if used across the lobby. Instead, a single wall of orange will make a great effect without being overwhelming.

Accent walls are attractive because they draw attention to a room. This may be used in a variety of ways. Receptionists, for example, may face the accent wall. You might also add a mural on the wall to properly advertise your firm. The alternatives are numerous, yet when someone walks into the foyer, their gaze is pulled to the accent wall.

Branding your lobby

That being said, let’s talk about the lobby and why it’s so important for your business image and the environment you want to create.

You can tell a lot about a company’s culture just by walking through the door. The layout, flooring, furniture, signs, lighting, and colors all reflect your brand. That’s why you need a business interior painting company to make your lobby seem exciting and professional.

The lobby in particular allows your company to express its personality. Show your consumers and staff what you stand for. Your lobby may tell a narrative; it can be personalized and unique.

This is a chance lost if your lobby is drab, neglected, or does not reflect your company’s personality. Worse, it can hurt your business. Because you have not properly articulated your capabilities and goals, your lobby may turn off potential workers and consumers.

Your lobby’s aesthetic affects both your personnel and your customers.

The aesthetic of your lobby matters not just to your customers, but also to your personnel.

A well-designed and polished lobby may evoke feelings of pride and connection. It can remind staff of their goals. It can also assist encourage engagement when disengaged office workers outnumber engaged colleagues.

Disengaged employees spend money, undermine organizational goals, deplete resources, and impede initiatives.

A great lobby may also foster creativity and productivity. Nowadays, your lobby is more than simply a place to wait for clients and guests. Instead, it’s become a spot for mobile employees to land or a breakout area.

No matter the design, the lobby must convey the brand’s essence.

Lobby painting

When it comes to painting your lobby, consider if the color and design you choose accurately represent your business. Is it the correct message? Is it the correct move? Does it foster meaningful connections with those that enter?

It’s critical to paint your lobby and create an accent wall in a color that properly symbolizes your business. Choose a bold color that will stand out and define your company. Some firms even generate their own bespoke hue to reflect their brand.

In terms of accent walls for your business, you should also look beyond the box. You are not restricted to a single paint color in a dark tone. There are several additional methods to utilize paint to transform a commercial environment. You might choose a unique paint finish or a design like stripes. Metallic paint is a terrific method to add a strong design statement to your house. The options are unlimited when it comes to designing a chic accent wall for your business space.

You may also wish to paint the remainder of your lobby. The hue of the paint in the space may not work well with an accent wall. The remainder of the room should be neutral, with the accent wall being colorful or vibrant. If the lobby color does not match the accent wall color, painting the entire lobby may be a good idea. Plus, you want to make sure the whole area looks elegant, not just one wall.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors. So long as the room’s accents match the new hue, it will work great. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your pick is on-brand and fits well with your industry and clients.

Brand your company with a wall

Consider painting a dark color on the wall and then adding metallic wall art that says your company name, like a gold metal sign. This works nicely if the foyer has a reception area. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t. It’s important not to clutter the wall with too many objects, since this might detract from the impact you’re trying for.

Use a commercial painting business for your accent wall.

As you can see, adding an accent wall to your lobby has several advantages. They not only look great but also help to brand your business and create the right atmosphere. It’s also limitless.

However, to fully enjoy the benefits of an accent wall in your house, you must hire the services of a professional commercial painting team. After all, you want a job that is professional and stunning. The last thing you want is a terrible paint job reflecting on your brand!

Many people believe painting is as simple as opening a paint container and brushing it on. If only! There is a lot to ponder. You must prepare the walls and use the correct paints. Depending on the existing state of the wall, various preparations may be required before painting.

It’s also worth noting that not all paints sold nowadays are safe for clients and employees. Some include harmful fumes and chemicals that might injure anyone working in your commercial facility. However, a professional commercial painter will have the skills and understanding to give you with the safest paint.

Working with a professional painting company can also save you money and time. They won’t disrupt your job routines. Instead, they adapt. Arch Painting understands the value of working quickly and efficiently to complete a high-quality job quickly. We don’t cut corners, but we do make sure you aren’t inconvenienced when we paint.

Here’s all you need to know about adding an accent wall to your lobby. This is an amazing way to create a beautiful yet professional corporate environment. Teaming together with professional commercial painting businesses may help you achieve the desired environment and style. If you have any questions, please contact us now for additional information. We have years of expertise and would gladly assist you in any way we can. You may also read our commercial painting reviews to learn more about our services in Calgary, Alberta.