When you open your windows to allow some fresh air in, you can count on a little bit of dust and dirt to accompany it. Your window sill is one of the first places these particles land once they’ve made their way throughout your home. Glass, flower pots, and other household utensils leave fingerprints, stains, and rings all over the inside surfaces of these items.

A filthy window sill is an eyesore and a health hazard, especially because it is a regularly touched area in the house. When it comes to your window sill, cleanliness and sanitation are essential.

There are times when the external window sill is overlooked by homeowners since it is generally dirtier than the inside sill. With that in mind, Lucky Painting Limited offers a solution for cleaning both inside and exterior window sills!

Here are some easy, step-by-step instructions on how to clean the window sills in your home.

Window Sills: Interior Cleaning

Window sills may be cleaned quickly and easily. A spray bottle, some liquid dish soap, and some clean microfiber towels are all you’ll need. As soon as you’ve collected these objects, go outside and follow these instructions:

Make sure the window treatment is out of the way and that the window sill is clear of any ornamental objects. Because dust and debris are certain if you haven’t cleaned the sill in some time, the first step is to wipe it thoroughly. This may be accomplished using a microfiber dust cloth.

Fill the spray bottle with 2 cups of water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent to make your cleaning solution. Shake vigorously before closing the container to ensure that the soap and water are well combined. Using warm-hot water and adjusting the intensity of the cleaning solution as required can work better on extremely filthy or greasy window sills.

Spray the cleaning solution on a clean micro-fiber cloth (just enough to dampen it). If the sealant on your wooden window sills has cracks in it, don’t use a soaked towel since it might harm the wood. The same is true for painted surfaces, which may be damaged or faded by moisture, depending on the kind of finish.

The wet cloth may be used to thoroughly wipe your window sill. With tenacious stains like adhesive residue, muck, or smudges, use additional pressure to scrape them away. You may also need a little extra cleaning solution, but you should wait for the surface to dry before trying a deeper clean if you are going to dampen the cloth more (unless, of course, it is a water-resistant material).

The next step is to wipe off the window sill with a dry, clean towel after you are pleased with the cleaning job. Especially if you have a wooden window sill, this is essential since any moisture that can be absorbed from the surface will help speed up the drying process of the material.

Cleaning your window sill on a regular basis can help keep it free of tough stains and filth. A weekly wipe down with a disinfectant and moist cloth will maintain the surface clean and hygienic for a longer amount of time than just dusting it.

Window Sills: Exterior Cleaning

Because it is difficult to see from within the home, the outside window sill is often neglected. It’s only when you’re looking out the window that you can notice just how filthy the exteriors are! However, you shouldn’t let the state of your external window sills slip your mind just because they are out of sight and out of mind. You don’t want dirt and dust gathering on the outside of your windowsills, which can ultimately blow inside your home!

However, with the correct cleaning products and procedures, even the dirtiest of window sills may be restored to their former glory. Take a look at the strategy outlined in detail below the break for additional information.

Sweep the outer window sill clean with a small whisk broom or medium-bristle cleaning brush.

If you see a lot of dust on the surface, wipe it off with a dry cloth. Use a clean, moist towel to do a second wipedown after the first.

Scrubbing away stubborn dirt and grime will follow the removal of dust and loose debris. Baking soda and liquid dish soap should be blended with 2-3 cups of water to create the somewhat abrasive cleaning solution needed. Before using it, mix the solution well.

Using a medium-bristled cleaning brush, scrub your outside sills from left to right with the solution. In certain cases, further effort may be required to remove stubborn stains and filth. Continue cleaning as necessary, rinsing the brush off after each use.

Using a damp towel, wipe away any soap suds that remain after scrubbing. You may now inspect the surface to see if there are any areas that were overlooked during the brushing process. Then wash the surface off and repeat step ‘4’ if necessary.

To prevent dust and grime from sticking to the surface, wipe the outer window sill dry.

Cracks, faded paintings and other damages are not uncommon with window sills. We at Lucky Painting Company have the best team to help repair and repaint your window sills like they never went bad.