Wooden frames are highly attractive and look great on any home.  Here are 7 reasons why you should choolse wooden frames over pvcu.

You may customize your wooden window frames by choosing from a wide range of woods such as maple, mahogany, or oak, each of which has a distinct appearance. Wooden window frames may be carved, stained, or painted to fit your preferences and to match the style of your home.

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When compared to PVCu, windows with timber frames are substantially more environmentally friendly.

They actually have a negative GWP (global warming potential), which means that during the course of their employment, they may reduce the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere. PVCu manufacture, on the other hand, requires the discharge of very toxic compounds, six of which have been prioritized for eradication by European governments.

This window frame choice is the most ecologically friendly of all since it uses wood from sustainable sources.

Timber window frames have the potential to survive for many years, but PVCu windows are likely to last fewer than 30 years. Your hardwood windows can withstand wear and tear and last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Timber, as one of nature’s masterstrokes, functions as a natural insulator, keeping your home at a reasonable temperature. Because wood is inherently insulating, it aids in the retention of heat inside your home. As a result, carbon emissions are reduced, and your power cost is reduced while your home remains warm and pleasant.

Although wooden window frames need regular care and weatherproofing to stay in good shape, painting and varnishing them not only makes them appear nice but also makes them more resistant to the elements.

PVCu window frames, contrary to common assumption, are not maintenance-free, and a PVCu window cannot be fixed as simply.

A PVC window frame uses around eight times the amount of energy as a wood window frame. PVC trash is expected to increase to 6.4 million tonnes by 2020, according to environmental organizations. PVC windows create 43 percent more garbage than wood windows. Around 82 percent of material is disposed of in landfills, while the remaining 15 percent is burnt. Only 3% of the garbage produced is recycled.

Timber windows with high performance are not always more costly than their PVCu equivalents. You have a lot of options since they come in so many distinct varieties. While maple is the most affordable window wood, mahogany is the most expensive. Furthermore, you can be confident that if you pick a traditional window frame for your house, it will endure considerably longer than PVCu.


What are the Benefits of Timber Windows?

Although many people in the United Kingdom like wood windows and doors, many have shifted to PVC. Why? PVC, according to several salespeople, does not decay like wood, is less expensive, and does not need painting. That sounds terrific, but before you rush off to make your purchase, let us question your assumptions.

Wooden Interior with Funiture and Fireplace

Norway has a lot of forests and has exceptionally harsh winters. As a result, they’ve become fairly good at harnessing their abundant natural resources to keep us warm, as well as an effective construction material.

PVC windows are seen in extremely few residences in Norway. This is due to the fact that wood is a natural barrier to the cold.

It outperforms PVC windows and doors when carefully designed and constructed into a window or door and paired with double or triple glazing.

Why is PVC so popular in the United Kingdom? The tale is complicated, but for many people, decaying wood windows conjure up images of those placed in homes following WWII. Retain you ever noticed how many homes constructed more than a century ago still have their original windows?


This is due to the fact that they were fashioned from well-seasoned, high-quality wood. Many structures erected after WWII, on the other hand, were constructed with inferior materials. As a result, wood has developed a poor image.


So, what is the current truth?

In the United Kingdom, over 12 million windows of all varieties are sold each year, with wood windows accounting for 30% of that market. The public sector uses 57 percent of wood windows supplied in the UK, while the private sector uses 42 percent; 86 percent of these are used in renovation projects, while 14 percent are used in new construction. (Figures courtesy of the Forest Stewardship Council.)

While Norwegian windows and doors have always been made of high-quality materials, the progress of wood windows in terms of quality,

Interior of Home during complete renovation. This old house was complete gutted inside and now new wooden framing is installed for next phase of modern walls, floor and ceiling.

durability, and design has been significant in the past ten years. Modern high-performance wood windows may have finish guarantees of up to 10 years and rot free guarantees of up to 30 years, with frames that are completely protected from water and UV rays at the factory. The use of dual sealing and factory glazing extends the life of a unit, while smart design features extend the life of the wood even further.

When compared to PVC units, the National Building Federation’s Standards in Quality and Development estimates that PVC windows will last 20 to 25 years, whereas vacuum-treated softwood windows would last 25 to 35 years. ‘Properly built and well kept wood windows can and do endure the lifespan of the structure in which they are put,’ according to the Green Builders Digest.



Many individuals find upkeep difficult, yet no material is maintenance-free, despite promises made by PVC sellers. Innovations in timber window design and finish have resulted in products that reduce water retention, damp penetration, and enable wood to breathe, all of which contribute to a low-maintenance product. Paint that peels and blisters is no longer an issue.

Factory-finished windows may last up to 8 years without needing to be repainted. Painting cycles of 5 to 8 years were the standard after then. Modern finishes also help to cut down on prep time. Unlike PVC, factory-finished wood windows and doors may be customized to a specific color to match your project and home. While it is true that wood windows need some upkeep, new high-performance windows make this upkeep quite simple.

While the initial cost of wood windows may be greater than that of other materials, the ‘whole-life’ cost of maintenance, durability, and environmental effect that timber provides gives it an outstanding value for money.

To back up the assertion of good value for money Softwood is cheaper, according to the National Housing Federation, both in terms of original capital expenditures and life cycle expenses over a 30-year period.

Another financial benefit of wood windows is their capacity to be repaired and restored. Wood may be easily mended, refreshed, and maintained without the need of specific components, expertise, or equipment, according to TRADA, the Timber Research and Development Association.

Finally, lumber is a natural insulator that, when paired with the glazing system (air, argon, or krypton filled), insulating glass, and draught sealing, has no trouble meeting current criteria of a U-value of as low as 0.6W/m2K.

To sum it up

Timber is an ecologically beneficial, thermally efficient, good-looking, and low-maintenance material that comes from managed forests, largely in my birthplace of Scandinavia. All of this is, thankfully, a far cry from the bad image earned in recent years by low-cost, low-quality softwood windows and doors.

All of the above makes sense to me, and when it comes to windows and doors, nothing compares to the beauty and feel of wood.

Which is Better: Wooden Windows or PVC-u Windows?

Replacement windows are a long-term investment that pays off handsomely. They may increase the value of your house, save you money on energy costs, minimize condensation, enhance peace and quiet, and cut down on maintenance time.

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Before you take the leap, consider if you would be better off with wooden or plastic windows. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to aid you in your selection.


PVC-u windows are nearly usually the most cost-effective choice. They seldom, however, provide the greatest value. Wooden windows will last at least twice as long as vinyl windows and will increase the value of your house – especially if it’s a historic residence.


PVC-u windows usually come with a 10-year guarantee, but wood windows usually come with a 30-year warranty.


Many historic houses around the nation have been ruined by PVC-u replacement windows. Although some PVC-u manufacturers are now producing better-looking period windows, nothing compares to the appearance and feel of wood. You may have original classic elements like joints, thin glazing bars, and incorporated horns without losing performance with today’s wood windows.

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Even when covered in aluminum, modern wood windows have a firmness and quality that is as vital within the space as it is outside.


Replacement windows made of wood or PVC-u may both provide excellent levels of energy efficiency.

Due to the robustness of hardwood frames, massive triple-glazed units may be installed without the need of ultra-thick parts.



Household Upkeep

Whether made of PVC-u or factory-finished wood, today’s windows are low-maintenance. They merely need yearly maintenance to have the frames cleaned and the hardware oiled. Factory finished wood windows will need a new coat of paint after around 10 years, and thereafter at seven-year intervals, depending on exposure circumstances. This restores them to their previous state and enables you to adjust the color if desired. PVC-u windows, on the other hand, do not need re-coating but will lose their finish with time. PVC-u windows are also significantly more difficult to repair than wood windows.

The natural world

Wood is the most environmentally friendly window material. Studies have shown its superiority in a variety of environmental aspects. Most importantly, replacing a PVC-U window with a Wood Window Alliance window saves roughly 160kg of carbon dioxide.

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